Carpet Textures: Plus, Saxony, cut-pile

Carpet Textures: Plus, Saxony, cut-pile

Carpeting offers several different textures to consider as you shop for the perfect floor covering, and these textures can do so much for your home and décor. Today, we’re going to look at three distinct types of carpet, so you’ll better know what to expect once you begin shopping, so read along with us here.

Your carpeting textures can change everything

When you need a specific type of flooring to create a surface you're most interested in; the key could lie in the texture you choose. Consider these three types to see if they have what you want and need, and then contact us afterward if you're ready to select a perfect surface for your home.

1.      Plush carpet says a lot about itself in the name, offering soft, luxurious comfort and smooth, dense fibers you can enjoy in many spaces.

2.      Saxony is a type of plush, cut-pile carpet that is usually a half-inch tall or shorter, with a deep, luxurious comfort that goes on and on.

3.      Cut-pile refers to the fact that the yarn of the flooring is sheared off once passed through the back material to create tufts that stand upright.

We offer the floor covering you need

At Carpetland, you’ll find we are a carpet store that takes great pride in providing a wealth of materials that cater to your needs for appearance, durability, lifespan, and more. We’ll explain everything you need to know about the types of flooring available, so be sure to let our associates know what you’re interested in most.

From our showrooms in Stockton & Merced, CA, we proudly serve residents from Tracy, Modesto, Valley Springs, Elk Grove, Lodi, Patterson, Turlock, and Manteca, and we'd like to work with you as well. So be sure to stop by to find the floor covering that serves you best.