Carpet flooring and pets: Do they mix?

Carpet flooring and pets: Do they mix?

When you need great flooring as a pet owner, carpeting can be a great choice. Over the years, these materials have undergone extensive upgrades, with outstanding performance to follow.

Now you can have a fantastic carpet visual and the performance you need, all from a single product. Here are some things you should know as you start your remodel.

Built-in stain protection that works

Several carpet brands offer built-in stain and odor protection, perfect for families with pets. Spills, accidents, and wet paws can cause messes, but they're easy to clean up.

This built-in protection also makes cleaning these floor covering surfaces much more manageable, even with a vacuum cleaner. So, when it's time for commercial cleaning, you'll find it's also a quick and easy task.

The best fibers for pets

There are two primary fiber types in carpet flooring: loop and cut loop. And when you have pets. It's always best to have a cut loop, so pet nails don't catch and snag on the loops.

Cut-loop products also protect against crushing and supply a softer underfoot experience. And these are just a few benefits you'll gain from an excellent cut loop carpeting type.

Keeping things clean

With pets in the home, choosing the perfect vacuum cleaner is essential to keep your carpet fibers as free of dander as possible. Vacuuming is more critical with breeds that shed more than others, especially if they're larger animals.

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